Monday, December 7, 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt

Stay tuned for a non-clothing post with the rest of the hunt gifts!

1) Jacket: Kyoot
   Skirt: Couverture
   Flats: Petunia
2) Vest/Sweater: Zenith Fashion
3) Hair:  Soap Co
    Outfit: Doppleganger
    Gloves: Acid & Mala Creations    

4) Outfit: So Many Styles
5) Tshirt: Pig
    Highwaist Skirt: Narwhal
    Cardinal: Eleutheria
    Heels: Epoque
6) Pink Parka Vest: Touche
    Tshirt: Meu! and Ska Shack
     Belt: Kunstkammer
     Pants: NachtMusik

7) Bulky Sweater: RunoRuno
    Ankle Boots: RRS
8) Necklace: Kunstkammer
    Dress: Miseria
9) Jacket: Blue Blood

10) Earmuffs: Artilleri
      Sweater: Fishy Strawberry
      Boots: Duh!
11) Scarf and mittens: Reek
      Sweater: Boom
12) Jacket: Modd.G
      Turtleneck Sweater: Shiki Designs

13) Dress: Sari's
14) Earrings and Bangle: Ticky Tacky

15) Outfit (minus bikini top and bottom): Chanimations
16) Tshirt: Pig
      Heart on Sleeve: Scribble
      Flats: Petunia
17) Scarf: Shiki Designs
      Top: Tyranny Designs
      Boots: Duh!

*I didn't finish the whole hunt yet so this post doesn't include everything

Hunt Stars Here at Kunstkammer

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