Monday, November 30, 2009

Starlust Trash Hunt

10 of the Starlust Sims are covered in litter. Look for Cheetos bags, coffee cups, Poptarts boxes, and other kinds of trash to find all sorts of goodies.

Here's what I've found so far but I promise you there is probably a lot more!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: SD Wears
Gloves: Pididdle
T-shirt: DADA
Maroon T-shirt: Pig
Pants: Ninia

From Left to Right:
Necklace: Beetlebones
Tank Top: OhMai
Pants: Ninia
Green Top: Sisters
Earrings and Necklace: Ticky Tacky
Dotted Tank Top: Ninia
Plaid Pants: Sisters

From Left to Right:
Leopard Print Top: Ninia
Earrings and Necklace: Ticky Tacky
Dress: Sisters
Necklace: Beetlebones
Dress: Beetlebones
White Leggings: Thimbles

From Left to Right:
Sweater: Sisters
Necklace: Beetlebones
Dress: Beetlesbones
Socks: Sock Shop
Necklace: Beetlebones
Dress: Beetlebones
Leggings: Thimbles

All Sweaters pictured: Wot?
All Necklaces: Beetlebones
Leggings: Thimbles

Sunday, November 29, 2009

JE*REPUBLIC Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Hunt Preview

Hunt starts on December 1st at Je*Republic and will run until January 31st. There will be 10 gifts to find and each will be wrapped inside a pretty giftbox! Most of the gifts will be completely free but a couple items will be $1. 

(includes all items except for jeans, shoes and hair)

Megan Skin in the same tone but with 3 different make ups

Other items shown:
Black Hair: Lamb ~ Bang Bang from this past 50L Black Friday
Other hair: Tiny Bird ~ Girl Anachronism from this past 50L Friday
Shoes: Kalnins ~ Conqueror $250 with the recent gift card sent to group (regularly $500)

Eyes: Poetic Colors ~ Blue Autumn--past freebie, new eyes there now

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pastel Picnic

Hair: Lamb ~ Milk $300
Skin: Curio ~ Moonbeam $1000
Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Nash FREE at the Fabulous Fashion TV studio
Cardigan: Tattered FREE
Jean Skirt: Salire $20
Bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods ~ Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle (color change) $100
Picnic Basket: Milk Hall Fair's Attic FREE
Boots: HOC ~ Grunge Knee Boots $40

Sporty Bronzed Beauty

Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes - Opal Eyes - freebie (old)
Skin: Free Speerit - Fiona Gold freebie
Sweater: LoveDot Cropped Sweater Gold - v9 freebie bag (old)
Tank Top: ETD White Tee
Pants: LD Couture Grey sweats - main store closed due to RL events
Tattoos: Smudge! - Tiny Bird free tattoo arm feathers, lower cooz wings, shoulder bird
Socks: Mischief Fashions - Baggy Socks - Charcoal - November group gift

Not Free:
Shoes: ETD Shoes Demi Trainers white

Rockabilly Nerd

Hair: vive9 - Vanessa Black

Skin: vive9 - Grace Pale Kawaii 1

Glasses: vive9 - Risky Readers abyss

Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes - Blue Autumn freebie

Tank: - Basic Cami white - old gift

Pants: Ingenue - Jane Jeans Red Midnight Mania gift

Shoes: Chuculet - leana heels red sole group gift

Not free:

Tattoo: Pussy Liquor - Stewed, only 25 Lindens!

Bangle: Ruffian - Pearls XL (by Farah Palmer)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PR!TTY Group Gifts

You can find all clothing in the PR!TTY group notices!

Other Items:
Hair: Ingenue ~ Ms. Page $50 on sale
Skin: Curio  ~ Moonbeam April $1000
Heels: HOC ~ MIB Color Change stilettos $50

Trashy in Teal

OK, I confess, I'm a broke shopaholic as well. Welcome to my little world of freebies, dollarbies and the occasional guilty pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

Skin: vive9 Grace v2 pale
Eyes: Exodi Group Gift Bag - Peridot Large No Veins Zbilja Spirit Series
Dress, clutch, bangles: Trashy Girls In Style: Teal Lace Dress Gift Updated - subscribe-o-matic
Shoes: N-Core - old gift

Not free:

Hair: Bijou - Keira Red 02

Puddles Holiday Accessories and Kenzie & Co Freebies

Belts/Bags/Bangles/Scarves: Puddles (each item is $1)
ALL clothing: Kenzie & Co FREE (look for bag on counter)
Skin: Heartsick ~ Serenity: Dark Shines FREE opening gift
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth ~ Mrs. Mittens ---past 50L Friday item
Flats: Fri.Day ~ Basic Flats FREE at the Sunny Sim freebie cafe

Monday, November 23, 2009

Freebs Post #19: Burlesque Bettie

Hair: Ingenue ~ Ms. Page $50 (think it's only on sale today but she has lots of other pin-up girl styles on sale in the discount section! Discount section is located upstairs inside Ingenue)
Skin: Cupcakes ~ Daydream in Spellbound----was $50 but probably isn't on sale anymore
Eyelashes: Glow Studio ~ Innocent---Past 50L Friday item
Lingerie: Jetdoll ~ Black Licorice Corselette FREE on the midnight mania
Heels: HOC ~ MIB Stilettos $50 color change
Rose: mika ~ laqured red rose FREE
Feathered Fans~ mika ~ Showgirl Ostrich Dance Fan FREE

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AuMa Pink Leather Boots

Just a quick post because I love these boots! 
You can find these on the lucky chair at AuMa Footwear. There is a 10 minute waiting period and they will only be available on the lucky chair until December 6th (about 2 weeks). 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Freebs Post #18: Nerd Alert

Hair: PR!TTY ~ Runway $150
Skin: Cupcakes ~ Daydream FREE at the recent Cupcakes hunt (think it's over?)
Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Nash FREE at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio
Calculator: Lostwood FREE
Shirt/Vest/Bow Combo: Pig ~ Life on Mars FREE through the Trapped in the 80's Hunt---look for a record
Jeans: Random Fashions ~ Very Skinny Jeans in Dark Wash $1 at the Gnubie Store
Boots: Maitreya ~ Soho Boots FREE through the subscribo---check notices
Notebook Bag: Drowsy FREE look for a notebook on the ground

Group Gifts Galore: LeeZu and Staged

LeeZu sent this beautiful jewelry set called BohemeMia through the subscribo last night. TP over to LeeZu and check the subscribo notices to have it delivered to you! 

The skin I'm wearing is the new group gift from Staged. It is called Judy First Snow and the make up is Frost. Enrollment fee is $50 to join the Staged group but it's so worth it.

The other makeup included in the gift is called Snowflake Nymph:

This dress was also sent from Staged and as you can see is good for showing the cleavage option the Staged skins come with. 

Other Items Shown:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth ~ Mrs. Mittens (Past 50L Friday item)
Pink Sweater Dress: TART ~ Holly in Blush FREE though the "What's New SL" Group.....look through the group notices, many gifts available

Eyelashes: Glow Studio ~ Innocent (past 50L Friday Item)
Eyes: Poetic Colors ~ Endless Summer (past freebie, different color for free now)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cherry Cheetah: Not quite a freebs post but some cheap finds!

Hair: Truth ~ Bridgette $25 at the current Truth sale
Skin: Curio ~ Moonbeam April 2 not free (think it was $1000 for 2 makeups)

Glasses: HOC ~ Rectangular Frame Glasses $50 color change
Earrings: Primalot ~ Cherrish Cherry Earrings FREE
Top: Thimbles ~ Vesticle in Rouge $15
Skirt: Thimbles ~ Svetlana Takes the Bus $25 look high up on the wall!
Flats: In Her Shoes ~ Shiny Red Flats FREE all shoes are free there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Freebs Post #17: Classy Dame

Hair: Lamb ~ Bonjour Operator FREE sent through the subscribo
Skin: Cupcakes ~ Spellbound $50 but was free with the giftcard that was sent to the group (great hunt going on at the new sim right now!)
Dress: Ivalde ~ Kara Beige Dress FREE on the lucky chair
Tights: HOC ~ Classic Stockings FREE
Necklace: YS&YS ~ White Pearl Necklace FREE at the SkinFair
Heels: HOC ~ MIB Color Change Stilettos $50
Bag: Koisada ~ Red Bag with Bread FREE (last I checked it was underwater)

Freebs Post #16: Butter Pecan

Hair: Truth ~ Bridgette $25 from the current sale
Skin: Cupcakes ~ Seduction FREE on the lucky chair
Necklace & Earrings: YourSkin&YourShape FREE at the SkinFair
Dress: Chantkare ~ Butter Pecan Dress $1
Heels: Periquita ~ Mary Squares $50 special for Weekend Fever (came with 2 other shoes)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2nd SkinFair 2009 at Vanity Universe! Freebies and Dollarbies

Taken from the press release:
The Expo will open on November 7th 2009 at  12  PM SLT. The event will run until the 22nd of November.

Donations for the aid organization "Care" will be collected during this event.
"Care" is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide, regardless of any political tendencies, religion or ethnicity.

There are many freebies and dollarbies to be found! Here are the skins I found, I forgot to make note of which ones were totally free and which ones were a dollar though :-( Tried to go back to check but couldn't TP in. Sorry!

Each skin is either free or $1

TP to the SkinFair

Note: There are many more freebies and dollarbies at the expo!