Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Feathered Headband: Split Pea ~ St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard $1 (look near the piggy carousel thing)
Hair: Lamb ~ Milk $300
Skin: Free Speerit ~ Elizabeth $1 (pay what you want wall)
Eyelashes: Silhouette ~ Carnivale --past freebie
Black Sweater: Tres Blah $1
Gold Tubetop: Random Fashions ~ Glamorous $1 (look near the piggy carousel)
Leggings: Duboo ~ Poptars Leggings $1 through the Starlust Trash Hunt
Belt: Kunstkammer ~ Cosmic Belt (color change!) $50 for 50L Black Friday (not sure how much it is now)
Heels: Kalnins ~ Conqueror $250 with store gift card but are $500 regularly priced (color change!)
Gold Bracelets: Glow Studio $1


  1. What sim is that?

  2. I'm sorry but I didn't save the LM for it so I can't remember :-X I think I just typed in "carnival" in search and it was one of the places that were listed. Sorry!


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