Thursday, December 10, 2009

80s Roller Girl

I was so sad because I didn't have any roller skates ;( If you know where I can get some cute ones, please let me know!

Location: Harmony Deschanel Roller Skating

Hair: Exile: Maren Touch of Pink (highlight is tintable!)

Skin: Exile: group gift HSB skin Crush: Tan-LB:XX Crush

Eyes: Poetic Colors, old gift: gold flakes - opal, medium size (don't forget the newbie eye set available for avatars 30 days old or younger)

Sunglasses: [Mokoptica] Disco sunglasses (color scripted!)

Sweater: dollface - cozy pullover - (rose)

Skirt: [Miseria] Sugar dress - Holly (pant and skirt prim from the dress)

Necklace: PRIMALOT Starry Mist FabFreeGift (scripted)

Ring: ::Gabriel:: - ::GB::-flower-ring*Yellow

Tattoo: Pussy Liquor, Inkorporated (this one is not for sale)

Socks: *Fleur* Fair Isle OTK socks grey

Boots: J&F's store - free gift


  1. You can get amazing rollerskates at ANA_Mations!

  2. Blitz rink has classic white roller skates :)

  3. Oh thank you Phoenix, and "Anonymous" ;) I will make sure to check these out.


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