Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boho and Bubble Tea

Hair: Truth ~ Twiggy ($250)
Skin: [KA] ~ Charlize ($200 for single skins, $500 for fatpack)
Necklace: LaGyo ~ Coin Necklace (FREE---was sent through subscribomatic)
Tunic: SMS @ The Dressing Room ~ Prairie Tunic ($50)
Skirt: Amerie ~ Summer Skirt (FREE---join group and touch sign at store)
Bracelet: Exodi @ Phoenix Rising~ Morski Pas Bracelet (FREE---May Madness Gift)
Bag: Mixx ~ Marche Bag (FREE---join group and touch sign at store)
Bubble Tea: RC Cluster ~ Green Tea ($25)
Poses: Au Soleil 
plus my cute shoes that you can't see :-(


  1. you need to start posting all things that are free...isnt that what your blog is supposed to be about

  2. cute stuff but arent you supposed to be blogging about free stuff?

  3. yeah all this stuff is cute but no one is really gonna pay all these outrageous prices.she needs to clean up her act.

  4. I'm sorry but I don't "need" to do anything. This blog has become more about style than just a "oh here's something free, go get it" blog. I try my best to incorporate cheap or free things in my posts but it gets boring just posting the same free things that all other freebie blogs are posting. If you are looking for a blog that posts ALL free items, there are plenty of them. Oh, and if you're trying to make it look like 3 different people commenting......you should probably space the comments further apart in time.

  5. From what I have understood since I have been following this blog is that she is a broke shopaholic, it is because of shopping she is broke...not that it is a "free" blog.

  6. Lol that is the most hilarious comment I have seen in years. Wow, how rude.

  7. Wow, that's kinda sad that you feel the need to call someone a stupid bitch over something like this. We blog for fun and we just happen to use free or cheap items sometimes, but not for every single post. We like variety! I can recommend some other freebie blogs to you if you'd like.
    Stupid Bitch

  8. Estella,

    Your blog is awesome. These freebies snatchin girls need to realize that SL aint free. Yes, us store owners offer freebies but at the end of the we trying to get a profit. I've always been a fan of your blog because you do find good cheap deals. Keep up the good work and keep doing you. If they want a freebie blog they should do it themselves!



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