Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny Sim Trick or Treat Hunt Gifts

TP over to the Sunny Sim for some great Halloween gifts. First, grab yourself a free skeleton HUD (you have to get it to do the hunt) and start looking for bones scattered across the sim. Each time you find a bone, a piece of your skeleton HUD will fill in and tell you which store you can go to for your prize. Touch the doorbell outside of the store and you will get your treat! Most of the bones are easy to find but there are a couple that are hidden well. You don't have to go inside of the stores to find the bones, they are all outside. Hint hint, hold your breath to find one of the bones! 

Here are the prizes with the exception of Sugarcube which isn't out yet:

1) Vest: Whippet & Buck ~ Tea Hawks Vest
2) Jeans: Decoy ~ Stevens Jeans
3) Hair: Tiny Bird ~ Autumn Leaves in Pumpkin and Licorice (color change mask) and Fall Saddles in Pumpkin and Licorice
4) Dress: Elate ~ Joy
5) Top: Twosome ~ Apron Top

6) Top: ~ Longsleeve layering tee (gift also comes with capsleeve, crewneck, vneck, and boatneck version in the same lovely purple color--5 shirts total)
7) Tank: Ohmai ~ Lippin Denim Tunic
8) Tubetop: Malt ~ Halloween Tie Mini Top (you also get pumpkin earrings with this gift)
9) T-shirt: Sh*t Happens ~ Orange Birdie Tee
(all hair is from Tiny Bird)

Great gifts. I love how these gifts weren't over the top with the Halloween theme so that they're wearable after Halloween is over. Thank you Sunny Sim!

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