Friday, October 23, 2009

Freebs Post #15: Guitar Girl

Hair: ETD discount section ~ Lindsay - Elika's Brown $5 (the Elika Color pack)
Skin: Vive 9 FREE warehouse freebie
Sweater: Pididdle ~ Winter Poem Sweater FREE or $1
Pants: BOOM at the Black Market ~ Gettin' Low Khakis $10
Flats: 50 Flats ~ Lemon Flats FREE
Guitar: Tablao Flamenco las gitanas ~ guitarra flamenca $1 (you can find it in a box that has a flower on it, this place is a club so don't get thrown off when you first TP in) 
Glasses: Pudge ~ Mr. Whiskers Goes To Tea $50 for ten colors


  1. Very cute pants, and guitar.

    About your poll, I do think most shops are fairly priced, unless they steal content, then they are always overpriced lol. Some are way overpriced though!! However I'm like you, I am cheap in SL, and occassionally buy expensive items when I have enough linden. I make linden through my job in SL, and by playing free (autoplay) zyngo ;) I really like your blog!!!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog :-) Though there are the over priced shops in SL there are definitely many generous designers too. Sometimes I see an item I just have to have, regardless of the price heh. I've never played Zyngo, is it easy? lol. I signed up for a few research companies on SL recently and they pay a decent amount just to do a 10 min survey every so often.

  3. yes zyngo is easy and can be fun if you are bored. i want to do surveys lol.


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