Sunday, October 25, 2009

Designers United II Gifts plus a tid bit about the Nightmare Eden Hunt

The theme of the event is crows and I saw sooo many great items there. The event lasts until November 3rd so make sure you check it out before it ends. There are some freebies and dollarbies available, I think I found all of them but if you find one I didn't post.....please leave a comment and let me know :-)

(Items listed in bold are from the Designers United Event)
Outfit: DADA ~ Crows Sitting on High Voltage Cables in Gold FREE
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth ~ Black Widow $75 special reduced price halloween pack
Sunglasses: Deco ~ Swank Glasses $50 for Fifty Linden Friday
Necklace: Miss 80s ~ Crow Queen Necklace
Ankle Boots: A-Bomb ~ Juliet (color change!) were $150 at the time but I think they're not $300
Skin: Idiosyncracy ~ Mia Pin Up FREE Sperm Hunt Gift

other items:
Hair: ETD discount section ~ Flapper $5 (Elika's Color Pack)

I made a couple splurge purchases! Many items are fairly priced and well worth the extra lindens.

Entire outfit including the shoes is $50! Great deal.

Other items:
Skin: Free Speerit ~ Katherine FREE group gift (pay to join I believe?)
Top: Snatch ~ Glitter City New Eden Exclusive FREE ----from the Nightmare Eden Hunt.....I strongly suggest doing the hunt, it's a lot of fun and is really creepy! I can't believe how well put together it was and how much work went into it. There was one part of the hunt that actually made me jump IRL, lol. Don't expect a regular hunt, all of the hunting will be done inside of Nightmare Eden. If you want to do the hunt, TP to A-Bomb on the Snatch City sim and when you're facing the door, walk to the right until you see the starting point sign. Make sure you change your settings to midnight to make it more creepy :-)


  1. Hi !!!
    I am looking desperately the purple top (Glitter City New Eden)from SNATCH but I can't find, you can say me where it is exactly, because SNATCH is big.
    Thank you

  2. You have to enter the Nightmare Eden hunt on the Snatch City sim. Find the starting point sign and then follow the TP to where the hunt starts. I can't remember where the top was exactly but if you do the whole hunt then you'll find it, it didn't take very long. Make sure you look inside lockers and drawers while you're hunting. I think the top was toward the end of the hunt.


  4. thank you very much I found it.


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