Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Arcade: Preview III

Outfit - Emery // Flowers w/ Pose - Adorkable //  
Mesh Hair - Wasabi Pills // Headphones - Fashionably Dead
Prehistoric Pals - Intrigue Co // Corgi - Silent Sparrow // 
Plants - Aria // Shelves - Scarlet Creative
Piggies - Ohmai! // Hollywood Sign - Pilot // Plants - Aria // Books - Scarlet Creative
Piggy - Ohmai! // Eiffel Tower - Pilot // Typewriter - Floorplan
Piggy - Ohmai! // Corgi - Silent Sparrow // Plants - Aria
Boots - Fashionably Dead // Corgi - Silent Sparrow // Prehistoric Plushies - Intrigue Co.

"The Arcade is a gacha event, featuring over 80 of the grid’s best designers and builders, in which high-quality prizes are sold to avatars at random from gacha machines. Set in a seaside build that evokes the whimsical feel of the penny arcades of early 1900’s Coney Island and Brighton Pier, The Arcade strives to present a nostalgic atmosphere that will welcome an audience seeking great gachas, and continue to be a favorite destination for photographers and vintage architecture enthusiasts."


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