Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Arcade: Preview 1

Balloons//Schadenfreude - The Arcade Balloons
Chair//What Next - Oslo Chair
Book Clock//The Loft - Book Clock (Bright)
Marquee Letter//[Commoner]-Monogram Marquee Light
Basket//LISP - Dolly Days Basket
Rug//LISP - Dolly Days Rug

Artwork//Fashionably Dead - Whatever
Vases//Nylon Outfitters - Doll Head Vase (Mother Nature & Sugarhead)

Egg//!Ohmai - Humpy for Breakfast (Green)
Crayons//R(S)W - Crayon Box - 48 Colors

Spice//!Ohami - Animal Spice (Mr&MsRabbit.Cumin)
(Non Event Items: Table - Zigana)

What: The Arcade is a fun quarterly gatcha event featuring a mix of creative quality designers. Events are planned for September, December, March and June. Although there is no theme for the opening month, designers will be creating original content based on inspiring themes.
When: September 15 - October 15
Photography Contest: Check here for a list of prizes and more information!

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  1. I love all of your Arcade posts! I can't wait to get in there :D Everything look fantastic.


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