Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Everwilde is a new friendly community that I'm happy to be apart of. The beautiful sim owned by Bowie Zeplin and Valen Leinhardt has many spots to explore along with a shopping district, lounge, games cafe and an art gallery. There are plenty of fun events to attend and the people are so welcoming to new comers. If you stop by to explore, there is currently a photo contest being held:

Check here for more info!
How to Enter:
1) Join the Everwilde Website Photo Contest Group on Flickr and upload your pictures. There is no limit on how many you submit.
2) Make sure you have your avatar name and "Everwilde Photo Contest" somewhere in the description.
3) The picture must be no smaller than 1024x768
4) All photo must be taken on the Everwilde Sim and the idea is to capture what you you think makes Everwilde unique or special. Join the inworld Everwilde group in order to rezz if needed.
Have fun with it! We want all kinds of photography. Landscaping, candid photos of avatars having fun, or artistic minimalism. Doesn't matter just be creative! Feel free to use graphics if you like but it is not a requirement. Edit all you like and add text if you wish. Good luck!
There is no ranking for winners, rather 3 available winners that win equal prizes.
Grand prize contest winners:
-1,000L per photo chosen (you can submit multiple photos thus giving you a chance to win multiple times)
-photo(s) featured as the backdrop for the Everwilde website.

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  1. Love your photos! You captured the true spirit of Everwilde!


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