Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NEW from Dutch Touch

The new faces Eefje, Faye and Tekla have been released by Dutch Touch. The faces are sold basic because a bunch of makeup tattoo layers have also been released for the skins.  Remember to use a viewer that supports multiple tattoo layers to create different makeup looks!
Photo 1:
Skin: Dutch Touch - Eefje:: Peach - Basic CL1 EBblack FR 
Eyeshadow: Dutch Touch - EyeMakeUp SERIE 2 - nr 1
Blush: Dutch Touch - MakeUp - Blusher - SoftPink (blushers are free for Dutch Touch group members!)
Lipgloss: Dutch Touch - MakeUp - LIPGloss - Faded Serie - Cherry
Photo 2: 
Skin: Dutch Touch - Fay:: Honey - Basic CL1 EBR 
Eyeshadow: ::DT:: EyeMakeUp SERIE 4 - Azul
Blush: ::DT:: MakeUp - Blusher - Rose
Lipgloss: ::DT:: MakeUp - LIPGloss - Faded Serie - BabyPink
Photo 3:
Skin: Dutch Touch - Tekla:: Choco - Basic CL1 HB MOLES
Eyeshadow: ::DT:: EyeMakeUp SERIE 1 - nr 1
Blush: ::DT:: MakeUp - Blusher - RedPink
Lipgloss: ::DT:: MakeUp - LIPGloss - Faded Serie 2 - 3
Photo 4:
Skin: Dutch Touch ::Eefje:: Peach - Basic CL1 EBblond
Blush: ::DT:: MakeUp - Blusher - Pink
Lips:  ::DT:: MakeUp - PiP - 3


  1. Love love I love the first picture so much!
    Also you look cute in the Choco tone :o

  2. Beautiful pics, where is the Indian jewelry from?!

  3. you look so amazing. i love this!

  4. @Vanity: Thank you Vanity!! <3 I do love the Choco tone too! mwah!
    @Anon: Thank you and the headpiece in the first pic is from Zaara.
    @meme: awww thanks so much!

  5. Hey! Nice pics! Id like to know if possible, where did you buy the shape(s) that appear in the pictures, theyre absolutely nice! Ty♥

  6. where are those pink boots from?

  7. The pink boots are from Anexx :-)


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