Friday, April 16, 2010

Lenore by Bunny B

Bunny B offers 30 different colorful makeup options for Lenore. The face of Lenore has strong defined features with deep set doe eyes and pouty lips. There are lashes drawn onto the skin which can often look odd to me if not done well but I'm pleased with how Lenore's lashes look. If you choose to wear eyelashes, the drawn on lashes help to create more volume. I'm definitely not an SL skin connoisseur and honestly I don't really pay attention to the body of skins. It's all about the face for me as I'm rarely nakey on SL unless I'm streaking around my skybox. The areolas could be the size of pizzas for all I care. I've stripped Lenore down and I personally don't have any issues with her body. The face of Bunny B skins all have a unique quality to them, they have character. I get tired of seeing the same skins so I get excited for relatively new skin designers. I've shown a few makeup options below but there are many more!

Hair: Lelutka ~ Keira ($99)
Skin: Bunny B ~ Lenore ($990 each)
Glasses: Miel ~ Genius Peepers ($175 and color change)
Cardigan: Pig ~ Sing Sing in Eggshell ($115)
Tank Top: Ohmai ~ Basics Boyfriend Racerback in Lemonpeach (easter gift? can't remember :-( )
Pants: Pig ~ Unisex Dungarees ($100)
Flats: Ingenue ~ Dianthus in Blush (Starlust Easter Hunt---now over, $225)
Bag: Kloka ~ Omiya2 Jam Bag (FREE)

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