Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vive9 Marianne II

Oh how I love Marianne II! She's a mix of cute and sexy with thicker bolder brows.
The tone I'm showing you here is apricot. As usual you get an option for light or dark brows, freckles and teeth.
I love the glossy lipstick colors and the subtle flushed cheeks. Vive9 here!


  1. Yuus! I totally agree. It's definitely a very pretty skin :D You look gorgeous <3

  2. Thanks gawjus! I think I love the brows the mostest. I will be wearing them nonstop for a while :-D

  3. Where is that hair from? It's gorgeous!

  4. It's from Truth, it's called Justine! :-) My new fav.


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