Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hair: Boon ~ LLR726 in Gold (FREE--group gift, join group and touch sign on wall)
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson (Group Gift---$250 to join group)
Flower: Tomoto ~ Corsage Soleil ($10)
Necklace: Happy Finds ~ Time Necklace (FREE---join Annoying Japanese Children group and check notices)
Jacket: SD Wears ~ Ovation Jacket (FREE---group gift)
Tank: ~ Basic White Cami (FREE--at store)
Skirt: Lycee Feelings Shop ~ Part of the Black Feather Dress (FREE--group gift at store)
Leggings: Concrete Flowers ~ Simple Leggings in Gray (Past gift---now $99 for a pack of 10)
Heels: Nardcotix ~ Rebekah Pumps (FREE--Shoes & Accessories Hunt)


  1. Hello Estella, Do u mind tell me where did u get your shape from, it's so cute and everything looks good on it :)

  2. The shape I'm wearing in this post is from Dismorph, it was sent out for free through the subscribo notices at one point but it's $250 now. It's called Bella :-) It may still be in the notices!

  3. Hello Estella...

    Congratulations in your new store. I read your blogg a long time ago, and i love your tips and the way you mix clothes. You definetly has a good taste for fashion....

    Thank you

  4. Thanks so much Ania! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :-)


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