Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skin/Shape Expo '09 #1 The Obscene

I suggest swinging by the Skin/Shape Expo ASAP! As you probably already know, it's going to take a few TP attempts before you get in. Took me approximately 15-20 tries before I could successfully TP but it was well worth the wait! Yes, there will be lag.......and lots of it. Sometimes I can't decide what's worse: The lag or "hearing" people complain about the lag? Heh. My bald avatar was slow motion running her hiney off for these freebies.

Anyways, here are the freebies from The Obscene! This first skin might not be for everyone; but if you're into horror, role-playing, or something'll love it!

Don't mind the boobage ;-)

Aja ~ Nosebleed ~ Vamp Tone ($0)
You have four different options with this beautiful pale tone: 1) Just a nose bleed 2) Nose bleed and bloody neck 3) nose bleed and a cut neck or 4) Nose bleed with a wet body

Hmmm, am I the only one who thinks the nose bleed could pass for a nose ring from afar?

Also in the Obscene freebie pack is a skin some of you might be familiar with based on the opening Obscene gift package....

[the oBscene] BRAEIYN ~ Seraphina OP
You get 8 skins with two variations of each tone: dry or wet

TP to The Obscene at the expo

TP to The Obscene Mainstore

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